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Re: 82 Coupe GT

On Aug 24,  1:43pm, Ti Kan wrote:
> Subject: Re: 82 Coupe GT
> Earl LaFlamme (Holyoke HS 95) writes:
> > Got an 82 Coupe GT and have been told by people to check if the car was
> > recalled for sudden acceleration.   Does anybody here know if it was?
> I can't believe people still believe in that shit.  There was never
> any problem with sudden acceleration with Audis.  There was a
> "60 Minutes" TV show episode that accused Audi of this supposed "problem"
> but it was later proven to be false.   ....
>-- End of excerpt from Ti Kan

	Actually, I saw the 60 minutes episode, and as I remember it, they
	didn't actually *accuse* anyone.  In fact, they specifically said
	that they were unable to reproduce the problem, and didn't know of
	anyone who had succeeded.

	What was really damaging were the emotional testimonies of several
	people who had been involved in accidents with their Audi's.  Trouble
	is, it's hard not to feel sympathetic towards people who have suffered
	grievous losses (even though it may be their own fault more than
	anyone else's).

	In short, I think it would have been very hard to make a documentary
	about the situation without biasing viewers against Audi -- not that
	60 minutes tries particularly hard !