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Re: 82 Coupe GT

[from Arun Rao]
>        The unintended acceleration scare is also almost single-handedly
>        responsible for the great deals on used Audi's.  That's one thing
>        *I'm* not complaining about -- though I'm sure a lot of netters aren't
>        too happy about it!
>        The class-action suit was filed only with regard to the 5000 line, and
>        only those with automatics. They retro-fitted shift locks on all
>        the affected cars: my '85 5000ST has it, along with a warning sticker
>        about pressing the brake pedal before shifting to "drive" or "reverse".
>        -Arun

>From down deep in my dim memory vault, I thought Audi also raised the brake
pedal up a little. So the 2 pedals are less alike in vertical location. My
brake pedal is about 1cm (1/2 inch) above my accelerator. I have the
darndest time trying to heel-and-toe. I can't reach the accelerator. Maybe
my feet aren't wide and big enough. :-)

Ernest Wong