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Re: cheap tires?

[message from Dan]
>Well, it looks as though I will be keeping the Audi 90.
>The bank thinks we can swing both the house and the car, so my
>wife is happy. :)  Good, it gives me ammo for getting my 90 quattro
>in a year or so :):)
Sounds good.

[stuff deleted]

>- Dunlop D60/A2: have em on the Jetta, love them.
>- Yoko A509 or similar:  have heard good reports but they don't
>  last long.
I've got the A509's running as summer rear tires on a FWD 5000. They've
been through 20K odd miles and do not seem to have worn much, but they only
keep the trunk from dragging.:-) I'm not sure if they are all season. The
angled grooves seem to displace water well.

>One I had not considered: Pirelli P6.  For some reason these are
>dirt cheap now.  Even the local places are advertising 195/60HR14s

The P6 has been around for a while. It doesn't mean they are not good, it's
just that everyone else has been moving forward with new compounds and
tread design.
They are suppsedly an all season tire and many GTi's mkII's around here in
mid-state NY have been tooling around with them in the snow.
The Michelin MXV family is pretty good but oh so expensive. But Tire Rack
always advertises them with no prices. Maybe they are cheaper now.
my 2.
>| Dan |

Ernest Wong