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Re: Boost problems solved

>Hi All,
>        It appears that I finally got the boost situation with my '89
>200TQ sorted out.  The process tends to bring out any inherent
>weaknesses in the system as a whole.  First, the stock (OEM)
>intercooler is sorta weak to start with.  Second, any other
>weakness such as aging rubber hoses, etc. will also show up
>pretty soon.

Congrats! Enjoy the power rush but which that rear-view for the troopers. A
good detector is definitely a worthwhile investment. I nearly got buzzed
going through a little town on my way to Boston. Luckily my trusty old
Cobra yelled at me to warn me. I need to upgrade. This cobra I have is 5
years old and only does X & K band. Don't think it does Ka. :-( Trusty
though. I'm eyeing those nice Bel detectors. They are rated well and seem
to be sensitive to donuts. :-)
BTW, how much MPG difference are you getting now. I'm considering getting
the EPROM upgrade for my 2.2 inline 5 non-turbo for the 10 extra HP's.
115HP in a 2900+ lbs car is a little anemic. Made the mistake of passing in
4th. Counting 1 missippi, 2 missippi on a 2 lane twisty, hilly road is too
exciting for me.
Don't blow the clutch like Ned Ritchie and his 300+Hp monster!

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question: My cousin just landed a job in Los Angeles. He is eyeing a used
325i, current edition. How mucho expensive are repair and parts on your
Bimmer. I know BMW uses platinum coated parts that just seem to cost more
and more.

Ernest Wong