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Re: Boost problems solved

>On Fri, 26 Aug 1994, Ernest Wong wrote:
>> BTW, how much MPG difference are you getting now. I'm considering getting
>> the EPROM upgrade for my 2.2 inline 5 non-turbo for the 10 extra HP's.
>> 115HP in a 2900+ lbs car is a little anemic. Made the mistake of passing in
>Is there chips available for non-turbo 5 cyl's? Who, where and how much etc?

The ad is in the back of Euro Car mag. I don't have it on hand now. It's a
place in Florida selling perf stuff for Audi's. The ad lists a 10Hp gain
for the 2.2 inline 5 in different bodies. The chip is $195. Don't know if
they have a week-long test-drive like SuperChips. Don't even know if they
are competent.
Probably need to upgrade to running on Premium fuel only. (92 octane +)
I can get the number if anyone needs it.

Ernest Wong