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Boost problems solved

Hi All,

	It appears that I finally got the boost situation with my '89
200TQ sorted out.  The process tends to bring out any inherent
weaknesses in the system as a whole.  First, the stock (OEM)
intercooler is sorta weak to start with.  Second, any other
weakness such as aging rubber hoses, etc. will also show up
pretty soon.  

	Should anyone be interested in making the same modification as
I did, let me recommend that you first get yourself a couple of
long hose clamps and put them together to make one LARGE hose
clamp with which you can assist the stock fasteners in holding
the ends on to your intercooler.  Also, should you not do this
and should your intercooler self-destruct, don't spend a buncha
bucks replacing it.  It repairs easily.  I didn't heed my own
advice here.  Oh well.  In my own defense, however, I didn't
have advice to give until after the experience.

	Additionally, keep a roll of good tape (duct tape or
electrician's tape) handy for temporary hose repairs.  If one is
weak for some reason such as age or excessive heat or oil
saturation, etc., it will probably go south on you eventually. 
Hose replacement is not difficult nor is it *terribly*
expensive.  I consider this to be a typical maintenance item
incurred by having more power available.  I figure there will
probably be other problems developing but they shouldn't be too
much more than what I've already encountered.

	Now (drum roll, please Maestro), for the results.  Hold on to
your hat Bertha we're on our way!  Press the pedal to the carpet
(no metal seen in an Audi, please) and after a typical turbo lag
time what I used to do while passing another car in third gear I
now surpass in fourth gear.  Third gear is ABSOLUTELY
UNBELIEVABLE!  Talk about fun - Wow!  Even after having gone to
the unnecessary expense of replacing an intercooler, the results
totally justify the expense of the project.  It would have been
even better without replacing the intercooler.  The difference
between 160 some HP and 220 some HP is quite dramatic.  Fuel
consumption is, of course, increased but not excessively. 

	Anyone know where I can get a Valentine One for about $50?  I'm
definitely gonna need one.

	BTW, I got my chip and spring from Superchips in Florida. 
Peter Wales (english@gate.net) of Superchips was quite an asset
in getting everything sorted out.  He held my hand (long
distance) while I  was getting everything working and loaned me
a boost gauge  so I could make some accurate measurements to get
an idea of what was going on.  Thanks, Peter.

Bob  __________________________________________________      ^_____^
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