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Support your local Audi

>     What I was wondering is how people support the car on axle stands 

I agree that it's probably not best to support the car directly on the seam 
-- seems like it might bend eventually.  I thought the wood was a neat 
trick, though!

However, when I support my Quantum Syncro on 4 jack stands I don't use the 
lifting points under the sill.  In the rear, I put the jack stands where 
the suspension is mounted to the body -- by design, that must be able to 
support the weight of the car.  The cradle of the jack stand is just right 
to span the suspension piece around the rubber isolator.  In front, I put 
the jack stands under the beefiest part of the subframe (if I remember 
correctly).  I've never had any trouble -- it seems like if the car can't 
be supported here, I've got bigger problems!

On my Fox, which is front-wheel-drive and therefore probably more similar 
to a FWD 80, I find a point on the rear suspension that is near the body 
mount and doesn't move.  This not only supports the weight, but it keeps 
the body from settling back down when I lower the jack (since I put my jack 
under the trailer hitch, lifting the body first).  I believe that 
supporting the car anywhere along the beam axle is a bad idea -- I don't 
think the axle is designed to support the weight and may bend.  (Now that's 
got to be a costly part, eh?)

- Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
- '87 VW Quantum Syncro
- '88 VW Fox