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cheap tires?

Well, it looks as though I will be keeping the Audi 90.
The bank thinks we can swing both the house and the car, so my
wife is happy. :)  Good, it gives me ammo for getting my 90 quattro
in a year or so :):)

Since we are keeping it I will need to do some tuneup work and a
couple of other things I've been putting off.  One of those is
tires.  It has some Kelly Charger HRs now, but they are not going to 
last much longer.  Also, I keep hearing a 'kathump, kathump' noise at
low speed I hope are bad tires and not bearings.

Anyway...  I am thinking of switching my Pirelli snows to the
stock alloys and mounting new tires on the MSW rims I bought
last winter, unless someone wants to buy them.  I'm not looking
for expensive rubber, but durable, well performing in 3 season,
and cheap.  Candidates are:

- Dunlop D60/A2: have em on the Jetta, love them.
- Yoko A509 or similar:  have heard good reports but they don't
  last long.

One I had not considered: Pirelli P6.  For some reason these are
dirt cheap now.  Even the local places are advertising 195/60HR14s
at around $60, mounted.  I'm tempted to go with these - how
are they?  I hated my P500s I had on the Jetta.

| Dan |
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