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BEL Radar Detector(s) for sale (fwd)

Here is a message I posted, since someone was asking about
radar detectors earlier...

| Dan |
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Subject: BEL Radar Detector(s) for sale
Date: 24 Aug 1994 19:35:21 GMT
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I have 2 BEL radar detectors sitting around doing nothing, so I might
as well sell them.  Here are the descriptions:

1. BEL 405:  modern case design, used for about a month.  Literally new in
   the box except that it is missing the power cord and visor clip
   (easily found at any Radio Shack).  I bought it for my wife but it
   lacks a mute feature, so when I found a 966 demo at a local store 
   (just the unit, nothing else) I bought it and just put it in the car
   in place of the 405, which I had hardwired in.
   The 405 is a triband detector, X/K/Ka (no superwide, no laser) and works
   exactly the same as the 966, except that the latter has a few more bells
   and whistles.

   I'd like to get $60 for this, 2 day shipping is included.  Comes with 
   owner's manual, original box and not a scratch.

2. BEL something or other.  Low, low end X/K model (I think that may
   be the model number).  Again, no power cord (lost) or clip (didn't have
   one, used velcro).  This is a strictly no frills unit, it has only one
   switch for power, no volume control, no mute, no dark.  It's square
   in shape, and is about 4 years old.  Still works fine.

   $13 includes 2 day shipping within the US.

P.S. Both units will be tested again before shipping to make sure they
still work.

| Dan |
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