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Merkur XR4ti?

I've been toying with the idea of replacing my 86GLI daily
driver with an 88 Merkur owned by an older woman.
It has only 30k miles, 5sp, etc.  It is made in Germany
(it's like the Sierra) but has a US spec Ford Tbird turbo engine
that makes 175hp, rear wheel drive.

Any comments on this car?  Ialready know about the Merkur list
and I'm on it, but I thought I'd ask my fellow German car fans.
The main reason I'm considering it is the condition (reported)
and price (should be around $4500 I hope).

I may just end up waiting for a cherry 87 4000CSQ or 88 90 Quattro
(though I think I prefer the former).

She also has a 74 Karmann Ghia hardtop that I can buy for a song.
Good shape, but it's all rusted near the engine and battery...

| Dan |
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