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Re: About Carlsen....

Sorry Carl,

Mea Culpa ....   I was cleaning out all the junk in my mailbox before
the weekend, and re-read your mail,


> From: chan@seattleu.edu (Anthony K.B. Chan)
> I presume you are refering to Carlsen Audi in California, their number is
> 1-800-528-2408 and you are suppose to ask for Linda and mention the 
> internet newsgroup and this group as I was told by someone in the past.

Just for the record.  Carlsen Porsche/Audi/VW is located in 
Palo Alto, California.  Linda is a veteran of the parts department
there.  I've been buying wholesale parts from her for over
10 years and asked here to extend the privelage to this group.
All you need to do is mention the Quattro internet group(this group).
Thats what I call it anyway.  They don't always have the best prices
but for a lot of dealer only parts, Lindas prices are hard to beat.
btw, if you forget to mention the group you *will* get a retail price.

Carl DeSousa
Mechanical Engineer
Cisco Systems
84 4000s Quattro
87 5000s Quattro (I like turbos but the wife wanted cloth seats)
84 911


I noticed you had just quoted the number from someone else's posting.

Thought I'd make a public apology, since I had posted it on the net this 

Alan Cordeiro