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Re: Boost problems solved

>(information about modified computers from Dan Bocek)

Great infoformation Dan. As you and I have probably suspected, there are 
turbocharged automobile chip tuners out there who really don't do anything 
other than return a stock computer to the consumer with either an adjustable 
boost valve or wastegate spring, for raising the boost pressure.

No changes in the PROM code, nothing!? They didn't even bump up a few 
locations in the timing map? They didn't even put in their name in one of 
the empty locations?! Wow!

Has anyone ever unsoldered their PROM from the computer and downloaded the 
code before they sent it away to one of these tuners? If it was returned 
with the same stock PROM code except for a new sticker on the chip, and the 
'tuners' are definately offering chip upgrades, you would think they could 
be brought up on mail-fraud and other charges. This would really apply to 
normaly aspirated cars where they can't send them a wastegate spring or 
bleeder valve.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com