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Re: Boost problems solved

> >(information about modified computers from Dan Bocek)
> No changes in the PROM code, nothing!? They didn't even bump up a few 
> locations in the timing map? They didn't even put in their name in one of 
> the empty locations?! Wow!

Hey, like I said, they didn't even bother desoldering the chip from the
computer!  Besides, in the Stealth computer case, there was no EPROM 
there to desolder in the first place.  The only way to modify one of 
those computers would be to put the processor in expanded mode and add
an external EPROM raft of some sort.

> If it was returned 
> with the same stock PROM code except for a new sticker on the chip, and the 
> 'tuners' are definately offering chip upgrades, you would think they could 
> be brought up on mail-fraud and other charges. 

Here here!
                                                    Dan Bocek