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Re: chips

Eliot -

> now, intended acceleration is the real mccoy, isn't it?  couple of you
> guys have it too, right?

While it is impossible to say for sure, I have met Ned Ritche on a few
occasions and we talked about what and how he did his chip upgrades.
>From what I learned from him, I'd have to say that I think he probably
does do something to the EPROMs, although it is immpossible to say for
sure.  Anyone out there with I/A modified computers want to either
send me your engine computers or a copy of the EPROM dump?  Or, perhaps you
could just look inside your computer and check to see if the external 
EPROM (if there is one on your computer) looks like it has been desoldered
and replaced.
                                                    Dan Bocek