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Re: chips

The IA mod *DEFINITELY* replaces the PROM, as well as other discreet
componenet changes. Ned upgraded my TQC CPU to the Stage I mod, initially.
Here was here in NE a few years ago and I helped him pull out the CPU,
though he wouldn't let me watch the actual mod process. :( Later, he was
out here again and he upgraded me to the EPA-approved and hogher-performance
Stage II mod. Again, this involed a PROM upgrade. I have a pretty good
rappor with Ned and he will provide me with info on what resistor to change
to alter retard as a function of boost. If I do this I will install a pot
to allow infinite variability and adjustability without future component
changes. I got a ride in his 5000 Q at Lime Rock a few weeks ago. This is
the 20V engine with like 340 HP on pump gas, good for like 380 with racing
fool. Quite a ride! With this kind of torque, torque-steer is present even
with Quattro-drive. Ned's a big fellow and he was really sawing at that
wheel trying to keep the car and all that power on the road.....