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Re: Chip

The computers for the TQCs do have EPROMs, or some other type of PROM.
Also, these computers control the ignition timing as well as the O2
sensor and FI mixture control. These engine have no mechanical or vacumm
ignition timing control on the distributor whatosever. Timing is conrolled
exclusively by the computer. I *think* the PROM in these computers contains
mapping info for timing based on inlnet temp, throttle position, RPM,
coolant temp, boost, etc. and has 256 different mappings inside. Part of
the IA mod is to replace this PROM with one that permits higher boost without
shutting off the fool pump for protection, as well as more initial advance
and less retard as a function of boost. This computer and the TQCs may be
an exception.....be careful with "all"!