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Re: Boost problems, redux.

Bob, what chip are you running in your 200 Q? What boost level? Did the
WG spring come with the chip? I installed the OEM spring from my TQC in
the wife's '87 TQ wagon yesterday. The computer won't allow over 1.5 BAR
boost. I re-installed the original spring and modified the WG for external
adjustability and set it to 1.4 BAR boost. Working well now..... It was
running 1.1 -1.2 BAR stock, kindah low. WHATTAH DIFFERENCE IN PERFORMANCE!

I'd like to install a chip in this and do it right.

Datapoints of WG springs:

85 TQC - black stripe
87 TQW - blue stripe & short with non-adjustable block in WG cap
IA     - green stripe way stiff & full length like the OEM 85 TQC black-stripe