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Re: chips

Glen -

>The IA mod *DEFINITELY* replaces the PROM, as well as other discreet
>componenet changes.  I helped him pull out the CPU,
>though he wouldn't let me watch the actual mod process. :( Later, he was
>out here again and he upgraded me to the EPA-approved and higher-performance
>Stage II mod. Again, this involed a PROM upgrade. I have a pretty good
>rappor with Ned and he will provide me with info on what resistor to change
>to alter retard as a function of boost. 

Hmmm... I don't understand.  If retard vs boost can be changed by a single
resistor, then what good does it do to change the EPROM?  By dividing
down the boost signal with a resistor, you get more advance for a given
boost pressure (because you're fooling the computer into thinking that
you have less boost pressure than you actually do) and you can run higher
boost pressure before fuel cut (for the same reason), so what good 
does it do to reprogram the computer?  

On the other hand, if you knew exactly what numbers
to change in the EPROM, you shouldn't need to do any unecessary analog
hardware hacks to fool the computer into thinking it has less boost than
it really does - all that should be possible via modifying the EPROM.

So what is Ned doing adding analog hardware hacks AND changing the EPROM???
Maybe we should have a look at the insides of that EPROM ;-)
                                                    Dan Bocek