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Re: Boost problems solved

I wonder if there were any mods to other components of computers besides
the Hyperthech......

Anyone ever dump one of the Intended Acceleration PROMs?

On the bleeder valves, this is really a kludge. A stiffer WG spring and/or
adding external adjustability is the "right" way to raise boost.

I'd say that any company that fakes an EPROM upgrade and just supplied
a "bleeder valve" is a rip off and has no idead technically what they
are doing, just my opinion.

IA claims to maintain the protective featiures of the EOM computer,
raise the acceptable boost level before cut-off, increase ignition advance
and reduce retard as a function of boost, as well as suppling a new,
stiffer WG spring and also making the WG externally adjustable, or at
least providing instruction on how to do so. Perhaps you get what you
pay for.....