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RE: Parts Questions

>> From: quattro-owner
>> To: quattro
>> Subject: Parts Questions
>> Date: Monday, August 29, 1994 11:57AM
>> Hello Audi Enthusiasts,
>> I'm getting ready for a big tune-up on our '89 200 and had some questions
>> about parts.  Hopefully you can share your experiences.  First, I ordered
>> some oil filters from PAP and for about $7 each they sent filters made by
>> an Austrian company called Mahle.  I'm not familiar with this brand and
>> would like to hear anyone's experiences, good or bad, with their filters.
>> Another concern is that the filters were labelled for the '85-'88 Audi
>> 5000 models, which I believe had a separate oil filter for the 
>> The '89 model only has a single oil filter.  The Mahle is the correct 
>> and appears to have the anti-drainback valve, but I'm concerned whether 
>> will work for the '89 models, which may have a higher flow rate since 
>> only have one filter.

I have been using these on my '90 200 Turbo for about 1 1/2 years. I have 
experienced no problems.