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Re: Parts Questions


Mahle oil filters from PAP are good. The are one of the OEM suppliers of
oil filters to Audi. I've compared them with an Audi dealer filter and they
are identical. My '87 5000 TQ also has a single Turbo filter (Audi part
number 035 115 561) like your '89. I think Audi switched from the two filter
set up to a single "turbo" filter in '86 or '87. The Mahle filter boxes that
came from PAP list the above mentioned Audi part number so I'm sure its the
right filter. You may want to find out the Audi part number for the filter
for your car and see if it matches with numbers on the Mahle box. It might
very well be the same part number above.

Regarding ignition wires, I've heard good things about Blue Streak (?). They
are advertised in European Car and are apparently very good, but somewhat
expensive. I've had no problems with the Bosch wires. In fact, I still have
the original set in my car (7 years, 125K miles).


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
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