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Re: cheap tires?

> > last much longer.  Also, I keep hearing a 'kathump, kathump' noise at
> > low speed I hope are bad tires and not bearings.
> > 

Check to see if there is cupping on any of the tires. Cupping is uneven
wear on the tire as if someone has taken out little scoops of the rubber
out with an ice cream spoon. This is caused by badly worn shocks as the
tire bounces around on the road surface. A badly cupped tire will cause
the noise you describe. Just putting on new tires without replacing the
bad shocks will cause cupping again. Of course, as some else suggested,
out-of-round tires could be a possibility too.

Re: cheap tires, I recommend the Dunlop D60A2. I have them on two of my
cars including the Audi and they are good, all season tires (not great in
snow, but ok). Great wet traction. With 40K mile wear-out warranty, and
the low price, they are a good bargain. If you don't mind spending a bit
more, consider the BFGoodrich Comp TA HR4.