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Re: 5 cyl air filter?


It's not easy.  It took me nearly 30 mins to do mine (that's why I put in a
K&N, because I don't want to do that every year).

As best as memory serves me:

Remove some of the plastic guards that cover the back of the headlight
assy., as the induction for the box goes in there.  Undo the clips and
anything else that looks constrictive.

Now the fun starts....you have to lift the FI unit and cover UP and tilt it
so you can get a hand in the box.  Personally, I just *ripped* the old
filter out because it wasn't worth the time to save it by taking it out
gracefully.  Once that's done, you have to CAREFULLY maneuver the new
filter in thru the opening that you have.  The K&N is slightly thinner than
stock, so it slips in much easier than taking the old one out.  Once in,
button it all back up and have a beer.

The place where I bought my K&N said "Ok...the filter is $40, $45
installed"  "It's on an Audi," I said.  "Oh.  You'll have to put that one
in yourself!" |-(
(oh JOY!)


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