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Re: cheap tires?

>Howdy all,  Just a note to heartily endorse Zafer's recommendation re Comp T/A
>HR4s (also the regular Comp T/As).

I have the HR4s and have said in the past that the H rated tires might be
too soft in the sidewall for performance applications.  I have autox'ed my
90Q (ie. 3850lbs) and have noticed SIGNIFICANT amounts of sidewall flex and
tread roll-under.  Shoe polish marks on the sidewall show that the tread
rolls under almost 1-1.5 inches onto the sidewall under hard cornering.
The Z rated tire *might* give you a stiffer sidewall, better turn in
response, and less tread roll.

All-in-all, however, the Comp T/As are very good tires and provide
admirable dry, good wet, and average snow grip.  These, coupled with a set
of snows, should be able to take you 3 out of 4 seasons in the
upper-midwest type climate (year round where less snow is found) for
several years.


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