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Re: Boost problems solved

Well, if the "bleeder valve" is truly calibrated and accurately adjustable,
then perhaps that's OK. A $30 valve sounds like it would not meet that
criteria. The $700 ABT/Porsche 911 competition valve, yes. You don't get
all tha much variability by just twisting the stock WG adjuster, and that's
*IF* your WG has one, most do not. I replace the OEM adjuster with a like
2 1/2" long bolt with the same threads, and the inside end turned down in
a lathe to fit the piece inside that sits on top of the WG spring. With this
I can get between 5-7 PSI and 17-18 PSI, with the adjustment bolt and the IA
green-stripe WG spring, typically I run ~15 PSI on the street. I'd have to
check the log book, but I bet I have ~75,000 miles with the IA mod and 15 PSI
boost, on a otherwise stock motor with >175,000 miles on it now.