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Re: Boost problems, redux.

You're right! BAR is usually absolute, so 1.1-1.2 BAR is only 0.1-0.2 BAR
above atmospheric, very low boost indeed. Remember, this is in a WAGON.
I suspect that Audi sets the boost way low to extend the life of the 
engine and drivetrain as a tradeoff vs performance. I asked Ned from IA
about this and he said to check that the FWO throttle switch was going to
0.x ohms at WFO. I did and it was. So I then disconnected the vacuum line
that the CPU and reduce the boost by. Still only 1.1-1.2 with only mechanical
WG control possible. At this point I tried the ur-Quattro OEM black-stripe
spring, but the CPU shut things down at about 1.6-1.6 BAR. So I reinstalled
the stock 5000 spring, blue stripe & short in length, and made the WG
adjustable, and cranked the boost up to 1.4 BAR with the adjustment screw
I installed from the ur-Quattro WG, along with its spring. I'll need a 
"chip" or other CPU mod to permit boost above this level, hence my intense
interest in getting to the bottom of the "chip" BS. It sounds like I might
just need to change some discreet components to allow the higher boost.
That's what I'm trying to find out now. I'd be willing to pay a fair price
for a "chip" *IF* it includes the spring and discreets to allow the higher

A note on the non-adjustable WGs. There is a "block" inside the WG where the
adjuster would be on an adjustable WG. This block can be screwed in and out
from inside the WG with a 8MM hex, I think it was, but, you still must remove
the WG cap to adjust it, so going with the external adjustment screw is 
the best way to go, IMFO.

Still looking for all the facts on the "chip" alternatives.....