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Re: servotronic can be disabled! yes! also, 200 20v's for sale

Eliot Lim wrote:

Now, that *was* good news!

> btw, there is a silver s4 w/ 25K miles for sale here.. 1992.  they
> want $39K for it but they are dreaming of course.

About a month ago when I was looking for a new car, there was a '92 S4
for sale in Toronto with (I think) 35K miles -- C$30K, or US$22K.  There
are quite often low-mileage ones available for C$40K-45K.

Incidentally, I considered a '91 90 quattro 20V for C$18K (asking price),
but eventually gor a '93 Passat VR6 for C$19.5K.  The biggest issue with
the 90 wasn't the engine, though -- it was the softness of the engine
*mounts*.  All that drivetrain movement when releasing the clutch almost
drove me nuts on the test drive!

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