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servotronic can be disabled! yes! also, 200 20v's for sale

well i don't know if everyone would feel the same way, but i just found
out a most wonderful thing today....


apparently a s4 owner was navigating a parking lot when he noticed the
steering suddenly got heavy.  did not lose all power assistance but
rather the 0 mph cadillac assist.. the dealer found that the
servotronic unit had failed and got it replaced.. while doing that
they found out that servotronic is just nothing more than a box that
takes in speed signals from the ABS sensors and somehow gets the pump
to put out massive amounts of assistance.  by disconnecting this box,
the car reverts to regular audi power steering.  apparently the pump,
the rack everything else is the same except for this addition.

so.... if you don't want servotronic, simply yank it!  no other
modifications needed.  i can also expect longer pump/rack/steering
assembly life with the elimination of this vermin. the box btw, is
located next to the cruise control unit in the glovebox area.

also, the speed limiter is a simple plug in wire that doesn't even
need to be cut.. just need to be pulled out.

this is a great day for me because ever since they stuck servotronic
into all the cars i was never sure that i could ever buy a new audi

btw, there is a silver s4 w/ 25K miles for sale here.. 1992.  they
want $39K for it but they are dreaming of course.

also, 2 20v 200q's, one red one pearl for $25K, both with around 40K
miles.  the red one looks to be in really good shape.