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Re: cheap tires?

> >Snow tires? Snow tires! SNOW TIRES!!!! Whaddarthose? The VR4's are
> >all-season M+S rated, and they get my friends 320HP RWD bimmer through
> >the snow admirably. Why change twice a year?
> Ah my friend, you don't know what your misssing :-), its true the car 
> performs well
> with decent M+S in snow, but shoe your steed with some 195-65 HR15 Nokias
> and snow isn't a challenge.

my dunlop d80's are vr as well as M+S rated but compared to my hardcore
studded snows they are not worth a damm in snow.  i can most certainly
"get by" with them, but then .. why?

why not go all the way and actually enjoy driving in snow rather than
breathe a sigh of relief after every journey for having made it..  

for me the peace of mind is worth the cost and hassle.  whenever it
snows, i slap them on and go on my merry way not in the least bit
ruffled.. i have difficulty generating wheelspin with snows on.. the
abs does not even kick in if i mash the brakes most of the time..  the
margins of grip that the snow tires provide is so enormous that it is
difficult to see why anyone wants to be on the edge or close to the
edge of losing it...

my 2 cents..