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Re: 5 cyl air filter?

> I went thru this on my 88, 90.  It took me over 2 hrs to figure
> out the trick.  You need to remove the front passenger side headlight.
> This will let you completely remove the air filter box.  Obviously
> there is bunch of misc stuff (plastic covers, etc...) that needs to 
> be removed.  If done right, this should be less than 1/2 hr job.

Nope.  Undo the clips for the airbox.  Remove the front sliding
panel and the 2 screws that hold the smaller panel in place.
Atop the air box is a large duct (looks like honeycomb).
Remove that in one or both ends, allowing you to lift the FI
assembly high enough for the filter to clear.

I doubt removing the headlight is easier - maybe...

| Dan |
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