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RE: Audis for sale (New England)

>|AUDI 1991 90 Quattro 20-valve
>|metallic blue
>|19K miles, loaded, extras
>Holy smokes thoses coupe prices are high!!!!.  I looked at a 1990 CQ 20V 
>with 58k miles in good shape, the asking price was CDN$15,500.  I also 
>looked at one with 40k miles, mint, asking CDN$17,900.

        The banks red book lists the average resale price of a '91 Coupe in
Canada at
        $17,950, then adjust for "mintness" and options. I should know, I
just bought
        one <VVBG>. When you consider the exchange rate, it might be
attractive for a
        US shopper to pick up a Canadian unit. That is of course, if he is
able to cope
        with metric guages and international displays.