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Re: bumper cover help needed

Dan Simoes writes > 

> If it's like on my Jetta, the piece above (half mount) is attached to
> the bumper cover by two plastic rivets.  

Four of these, I think.  The rivets are monolithic with the cover itself. 
I used to work in an injection shop, and I'd love to see the mold for this

> I pried off the old mount
> and put a new one in its place (available at VW dealer).  Since the
> plastic rivets were now loose, I inserted 4 screws and washers into the
> 'hole' in the center of the plastic rivet.  I was impressed at how
> well it came out!
> I can't tell from your description but the Quantum sounds the same.

The Syncro seems similar from your description.

> The parts guy said that the hardest part would be figuring out how
> to secure the mount...

The parts guy here was adamant that the bumper-side mount was not available
separately.  I stared at it for a long time, then moved on to something
else.  My cognitive reasoning often kicks in about 10:00 at night.  I was
taking the garbage out and didn't make it back to the house...

I was able to bend up a piece of aluminized steel (used to be a heat
shield on something else) to fit.  I drilled the steel and the plastic
bumper mount and inserted long pop rivets.  I didn't expect the rivets to
hold in the plastic, as I have stated before.  I could not get the
pop-rivet washer to the inside, as I had too little finger room.  I was
able to get the washer in with a needle-nose pliers!  Honk the pop rivets
down and try it out.  My wife did the left side and I guided the
Phil-fabbed right side in.  Worked the first time!  I had expected a
bend-and-try session.

BTW, the inside of the rear bumper was completely without paint and thus
surface rusted.  They must use pretty lousy paint at the factory,
considering how good the body paint seems to be.  I coated the whole thing
with clear POR-15 with no special prep and no topcoat.  It is neither visible
nor structural, so consider this a test to see what you can get away with.
I should look at it next spring, after a Minnesota salt-bath.  When we
went to pick up the bumper to install it, Susie said, "Hey, I am not
picking this thing up with wet stuff on it!"  I showed her that the glossy
stuff over the rust was completely hardened.