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Re: More SuperChips stuff

Well, I understand the need for the "mysique", the sticker, the engineering
experience and development costs, etc. I also understand that the customer
may in fact be getting a good HP/$$ value, the guarantee, etc. All very
well and good.

I do have *REAL PROBLEM* though with the thought that 
"it doesen't matter that the customer didn't get what he was sold".
This is *BS* statement! If in fact no reprogramming was done, no
"SUPERCHIP" was installed in place of the OEM chip, THIS IS WRONG!
Even though the customer got good HP/$$ value and the desired result,
THIS IS WRONG! The very name _SUPERCHIPS_ implies a "SUPER" "CHIP" BS!
I would never *EVER* do business with a company that would intentionally
make this grossly misleading claim, no make that *OUTRIGHT LIE*!

Why not be honest about it? What's wrong with "SUPERMODS", or "SUPERBRAINS",
or something that still sounds *cool*, but is both technically accurate,
honest and still preserves the "mystique" and reverse-engineering

Computers/chips *REPROGRAMMED*?!?  HARRUMPH!

I hit the ctrl-D in total disgust,