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RE: More SuperChips stuff

More great info guys,

The 89 200 TQ computer I have opened up looked the same. The  newer computer 
uses a more integrated and smaller pressure sensor than the 83 TQC computer. 
So the whole mod was to change the boost pressure signal which the computer 
uses as input. So Ned may be the only guy who has actually sold an updated 
PROM modification. Glen, so your TQC computer definately has a replacement 
PROM set in a chip carrier?

>There are two boards connected by 3 ribbon cables soldered in.  I find
>nothing I would identify as an EPROM.  There is what I think is a PROM

This is the prom, from the Hitachi data book it is a 8192 word by 8 bit 
PROM, i.e.64K PROM. It is a 28 pin DIP chip.

I think the processor in the computer was the HD6303XP chip, a HD6303 8-bit 
CMOS microprocessing unit. This is the 40 pin DIP chip.

We never did unsolder the prom from this computer and download the code. We 
just did some exploratory probing.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com