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Re: First draft of a FAQ

Hairy green toads from Mars made Alasdair Mackintosh say:

>     Hi all,
>     I've seen various mentions of FAQs on the group, but I don't think
>     anyone's actually working on a general FAQ for the Audi list. (I
>     believe someone's working on an Ur-quattro FAQ, but us humble
>     non-quattro owbers deserve something too, don't we?)
>     So, I though I'd step forward as the ignoramus. Below is a my first
>     attempt at classifying the questions, and writing them down. The 
>     classification is perhaps the most important thing here - do I have the 
>     correct subject headings? Are there any important things I've left out?
>     Are all the major sections of equal weight? Are there any overlaps?

I like the idea. I can give the correct answer for section 1.7:

	11.5 pounds, or 5.2 kilograms.


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