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First draft of a FAQ

    Hi all,

    I've seen various mentions of FAQs on the group, but I don't think
    anyone's actually working on a general FAQ for the Audi list. (I
    believe someone's working on an Ur-quattro FAQ, but us humble
    non-quattro owbers deserve something too, don't we?)

    I looked at Dan's gopher server, which has a document labelled
    FAQ, but there were only a couple of questions in it. 

    This is probably because Dan knows too much. You want the ignorant
    people to think up the questions, and then the smart ones to answer

    So, I though I'd step forward as the ignoramus. Below is a my first
    attempt at classifying the questions, and writing them down. The 
    classification is perhaps the most important thing here - do I have the 
    correct subject headings? Are there any important things I've left out?
    Are all the major sections of equal weight? Are there any overlaps?

    Of secondary importance are the questions themselves. I'm sure that
    in each section I've left some out. My main intent with the first
    draft was to get the section headings right, and indicate the sort of 
    questions we want in each section, and subsection.

    Anyway, here it is. My own comments are in square brackets [thus].

Alasdair Mackintosh                                 Shape Data, EDS Unigraphics
mackintosh@ug.eds.com                                 Parker's House, Regent St
+44 223 371608                                         Cambridge, CB2 1DP, U.K.

                        Frequently Asked Questions
                                for Audis

                          Very crude first draft

                           by Alasdair Mackintosh

    DISCLAIMER: Although we believe the information in this FAQ to
    be correct, the authors accept no responsibility for any losses
    or damage that may result from using this information. 

Section 1 - General Questions

    1.1 Who makes Audis?
        [Stuff about VAG. Maybe some details of the history of
         the company. Contact addresses?]

    1.2 Are they reliable?


    1.3 What is a Quattro?

    1.4 What is an Ur-Quattro?

    1.5 What was the 'unintended acceleration' business all about?

    1.6 Further sources of informarion.

        [This list. The VW group and FAQ. Magazines]

    1.7 How much does Andrew's cat really weigh?

Section 2 - Model Details

    [Brief summaries of the various different models available.

        Ur Quattro
        Old 80/4000
        Old 100/5000
        New 80
        New 90
        New 100
        New 200

Section 3 - Buying an Audi

    [Mostly concerned with buying second-hand. I was thinking
    of a model-by-model listing of particular things to look
    for - e.g. leaking power steering on 5000s, as well as
    a few general things to look for.]

    3.1 How much should I pay?

        [Price guides - Blue Book, etc.]

    3.2 Where can I find Audis advertised?

    3.3 What general points should I look for?

    3.4 Ur-Quattro specific information

    3.5 Etc....

Section 4 - Quattros

    4.1 Was Audi the forst to produce an AWD road car?

        [I think it was Jensen? Also want something about the
         history of the Quattro system]

    4.2 How does the Quattro system work?

        [Are there any particular details of interest? Comparisons
         with other systems?]

    4.3 What are the advanages and drawbacks of Quattros?

    4.4 How do you drive a Quattro?

    4.5 What are the differential locks for?

    4.6 What is a Torsen differential?

Section 5 - Improving your Audi

    5.1 Increasing engine power - general

    5.2 Increasing engine power - turbos

    5.3 Improving handling

    5.4 Improving brakes

    5.5 [Anything else?]

Section 6 - Troubleshooting

    [This bit is supposed to identify problems. It's a checklist
    of symptoms, with possible diagnoses. You can then look at the 
    next section for advice on how to fix it. Is there some overlap 
    here with Section 3?]

    6.1 Engine problems

        [Misfiring, rough idling, starting problems]

    6.2 Drivetrain

    6.3 Miscellaneous funny noises

    6.5 Handling problems

        [Steering wander, vibration, brake judder, ABS lights doing
        funny things.]

    6.5 Electrical problems

Section 7 - Maintenance and Repairs

    [Insert disclaimer about this information not being guaranteed.
    Advise readers not to attempt anything they don't feel competent
    to do. Some basic safety advice.]

    [Note that I was intending this as a supplement to the manuals,
    and to point out pitfalls and shortcuts. E.g. the manual says
    "unscrew this" and the screw won't budge...]

    7.1 What manuals do I need?

    7.2 What tools do I need?

    7.3 Where can I get spare parts?

    7.4 Engine/drivetrain

      7.4.1 Oil & filters

      7.4.2 Air filters


    7.5 Steering and suspension
        7.5.1 Replacing front wheel bearings
        7.5.2 Replacing front shocks
        7.5.3 Replacing rear wheel bearings
        7.5.4 Replacing rear shocks

    7.6 Brakes

    7.7 Electricals

    7.8 Climate control