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FAQ plans

  Maurits Larson sez:

>It's a hell of a good idea...let's flesh out the FAQ.

  OK - off we go.

  Walter Meares mentioned the z-car list, whose FAQ was organised around
  topics such as:

>    v8 (a common conversion on z-cars)
>    rearend
>    storage
>    turbo (mostly about adding turbos)
>    stereo 

 And said:

>    Of course, the Audi list would have its own collection of topics, things like
>    the hydraulic system come to mind as areas that might warrant their own 
>    topic.

  I agree that things like hydraulics will have a fair bit of FAQ-space devoted
  to them, but I think it's helpful to have the overall FAQ broken down into
  areas like diagnostics, repairs, and enhancements. (That way its easier to
  go to the bit you want - plus we might well want to break it down into
  sub-FAQs, in the same way that the VW faq has been broken down.) So under
  "improvements" you'd have a subsection on, say "adding turbos". (And which
  would probably consist of the word "Don't".)

  Anyway, to work. I plan to go through the outline that I mailed round last 
  week, fleshing out the sections, and filling in the answers. I've downloaded
  the stuff from Dan's gopher at swiss.ans.net, and I've also got the quattro
  and vw archives from ftp.lap.umd.edu. (Are there any other sources I've

  I've also got some mail messages saved from my time on the list, though I've
  mostly tended to keep the stuff that's relevant to my own car ('85 4000). So, 
  I'll probably need to call for help at some point to add stuff about other

  Actually there's no 'probably' about it - I *am* calling for help. Anyone who
  has any thoughts about fleshing out the questions is invited to mail them to
  me. Anyone who wants to contribute stuff on any of the areas I've outlined is
  more than welcome. Later on, I may be calling for particular questions, but
  at the moment I'm still wading through section 1, so the field's wide open.


  P.S. If you intend to write up something specially for the FAQ, it's probably
  a good idea to send me a mail first, so I can warn you if someone's already
  working on the same area.

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