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Re: A Vehicle to bind me over

>Since I can't quite afford a Quattro Turbo yet, I went out tonight and bought
>a Range Rover 3.5Ltr V8 :-)
>Mike Burton mike@compnews.co.uk  Tel: 0430 432480 Fax: 0430 432458
  This man has to pay British petrol prices,and he bought a Range Rover..?
  Slurp, glug, another fifty punds please...

>I challenge anyone to a tow rope contest ? (I.E you tie the two vehicles
>together at the back, and see which pulls the other one backwards).

  I drove a Range Rover once. *High* centre of gravity. Squidgy suspension. 
  It didn't have quite the same cornering ability as my own humble Audi, let
  alone an Ur-Quattro.

  So the Range Rover wins the pulling contest, and the Audi wins the race. As
  a deciding match, lets have a fiscal endurance contest. The person who can
  drive their vehicle the furthest without going bankrupt is the winner.

  Should be a very fair match.

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