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A Vehicle to bind me over

Since I can't quite afford a Quattro Turbo yet, I went out tonight and bought
a Range Rover 3.5Ltr V8 :-)
Dont matter what you put in it, what you tow with it, it has "stacks and
stacks" of torque.
Should keep me happy for a bit, thing is, if it grows on me, I'll go out and
by a better one instead of a quattro.
They are "The Best 4x4 by Far"
I challenge anyone to a tow rope contest ? (I.E you tie the two vehicles
together at the back, and see which pulls the other one backwards).

I don't know if you get Range Rovers in America, let me know....

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I never lie about anything unless it involves sex or money... actually, I don't
think I've ever lied about money.