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Re: More SuperChips stuff

Hi guys,

This has been an interesting discussion.  My comments are sepecially for 
the consideration of Glen Powell and Peter Wales, as each gentleman makes
valid points.  But first a message from your sponsor:  this is an analysis
of points posted to the forum.  I'm not accusing anyone of anything, Peter,
just analyzing what has been posted, some of which was under your name.

Peter's valid point is that his ads promise increased performance, and he 
delivers increased performance.  The consensus so far seems to be that
Peter's mods do result in increased performance.

Peter infers that folks buying his product are only interested in performance 
and are not interested in how they get it; therfore he can say what he wants 
in his ads as long as he delivers the performance gains advertised.  I think
that the first part of this inference is true, but not the second.

Glen's valid point is that it is unethical, if not downright fradulent to
advertise something you are not delivering.  In this case, (and I haven't 
seen the ad, so I'm relying on Glen's inference) Glen infers that the ad 
promises a modified EPROM to deliver the increased performance.  If that's 
the case, and from Peter's forthright postings, I gather that it is, Peter
should change his ads, eliminating parts that are just not true.

It does sound to me that if someone just promises to modify your engine 
management system to produce more hp, and he does that, he's safe.  If he 
promises to do it by making some specific modification that he does not make, 
he's exposing himself to serious Legal jeopardy; as well as engaging in 
unethical behaviour that could result in consumer backlash that could 
ultimately cost him his business.  

It would be ironic, and a real shame, if someone actually *delivering* real
hp increases were to be destroyed because the *way* he promised to deliver 
it was false, and was exposed to the world as such...I'd *hate* to see that.


Bart Chambers
'77 Feline Varmint Felix, Gray Tabby
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Guards Red
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro