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Re: More SuperChips stuff

n Friday Sept. 2 1994

Bart Chambers wrote: 

> This has been an interesting discussion.  My comments are sepecially for 
> the consideration of Glen Powell and Peter Wales, as each gentleman makes
> valid points.  But first a message from your sponsor:  this is an analysis
> of points posted to the forum.  I'm not accusing anyone of anything, Peter,
> just analyzing what has been posted, some of which was under your name.
> Peter's valid point is that his ads promise increased performance, and he 
> delivers increased performance.  The consensus so far seems to be that
> Peter's mods do result in increased performance.
> Glen's valid point is that it is unethical, if not downright fradulent to
> advertise something you are not delivering.  In this case, (and I haven't 
> seen the ad, so I'm relying on Glen's inference) Glen infers that the ad 
> promises a modified EPROM to deliver the increased performance.  If that's 
> the case, and from Peter's forthright postings, I gather that it is, Peter
> should change his ads, eliminating parts that are just not true.
> It would be ironic, and a real shame, if someone actually *delivering* real
> hp increases were to be destroyed because the *way* he promised to deliver 
> it was false, and was exposed to the world as such...I'd *hate* to see that.

Full agreement from me, especially on the last point...

I have not seen Peters ads, but if he says specifically that he is selling
an "EPROM for a '94 S4 Audi which delivers +68hp", and he needs you to
send him your computer for installation, then there had better be an EPROM
inside which is Peter's product. That his firm is called "SuperChips" is not
relevant. If he is only selling "+68hp for the '94 S4" then the buyer should 
be clear on what he is purchasing before laying his green on the counter.
If blown a smoke-screen about what his +68hp product is, there is a problem.

Good product spawns look-alikes, ask Nike, Rolex, or did you ever notice
the mid 80's Toyota Cressida looked like... an Audi 4000 from many angles?
Dishonest business practices are not excused because of concern about 
knock-off products.
Perhaps in a broad sense, it's unfair for Peter because for the three
applications mentioned so far (Talon, Stealth, Bob's Audi) no EPROM 
modification was involved, but for other automobiles he may indeed  
produce an EPROM which increases performance. I only said "Perhaps".

SuperChips confirmed they have developed and dyno'ed +22hp on a
2.8 liter Audi V6 they chip'ed. They specifially told me it was an EPROM
modification, and all I needed was to give them the number of my EPROM.
Now I just need to find that darn computer. It's not where I thought 
it would be under the carpet of the passenger footwell. I would like
to try it next week while at Summit Point, oh well.

I *Always* Remember this:	No good deed goes unpunished  :-)


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