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Re: Autobahn thrill-ride!

On Wed. Sept. 7,
Chris Ice wrote:

> When I was in Germany a few years ago, we were on a bus on the Autobahn
> heading for the Alps.  It had been a long ride, and most people were taking
> a nap.
> I heard this buzzing....high pitched, and getting louder.  In about 10
> seconds, the buzz was distinctly coming from behind and outside.  I sat up
> to see what it was.  At that very moment, my eyes briefly focused on a
> 911/930(?) whale-tail, turbo -- the blur was too bad to get the exact
> color...kindof a royal blue with burgundy trim.
> rrrrrRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOooooowwwwmmmm and it was GONE.  The cabin of the bus
> still ringing from the "blast".  Most people on the bus were awake at this
> point wondering what happened.
> The few of us that saw it estimated that at our present speed of about
> 55-60MPH, the Porsche was moving in the 150+ MPH range.  Absolutely awe
> inspiring.  I wished my description did the event justice.  A picture would
> have been better, but I didn't have a) the time or b) the correct speed
> film for something moving that fast.
> Chris
[ .sig deleted, sorry Chris]

When I lived in the south of Munich in Grunwald and commuted to Garching
a few miles north of Munich, I would use the #99 Autobahn "Ring road" 
which went east around Munich. The distance from my Apartment to the
Autobahn onramp was perfect for warming the car up, and I would just
shift at red- line in each gear until none were left, and stay there
for the length of the trip. Having said that, and confesing that I
had a 90hp Audi 80 you can guess that I got passed alot.

When the 750 BMW, and the 560S class cars would go by the quake would
rock the car. On the odd morning that somebody was driving their toy
Porsche, Hartge M6, or whatever the left blinker was always on, and the
headlights that had flashed miles previous went by in a brief Whoosh,
rrrrraaaawn sound. It was better than coffee in the morning.

I once was passed on the Autobahn from Fulda towards Stuttgart by a
959 Porsche as I was cruising at 120+ mph. I noticed far back
the glint of light off an approaching cars windshield, and on second 
glance I saw a silver Porsche, when I looked a third time my mirrors were
empty, and at almost the same moment this silver "Thing" went by so fast
and with such a low, deep growl I could not believe it. I was going 
something like 220 Kph and was passed like I was in reverse at 
full throttle. 

This, On a flat road miles ahead, and behind. The whole thing took less
than a minute from the time I noticed the car until he had passed the
horizon infront. I kept hoping he would finish his "Lap of the earth"
before I reached Stuttgart. Porsche is just off of the same Autobahn...?

Have you ever been passed by a car and thought "I'll catch up for a second
look" and found yourself at redline in fifth gear?
I still get alittle buzz from remembering it. 


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