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Re: Autobahn thrill-ride!

On Sep 8, 11:24am, Mike W. Young wrote:
> Subject: Re: Autobahn thrill-ride!
> On Wed. Sept. 7,
> Chris Ice wrote:
> > I heard this buzzing....high pitched, and getting louder.  In about 10
> > seconds, the buzz was distinctly coming from behind and outside.  I sat up
> > to see what it was.  At that very moment, my eyes briefly focused on a
> > 911/930(?) whale-tail, turbo -- the blur was too bad to get the exact
> > color...kindof a royal blue with burgundy trim.
> > rrrrrRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOooooowwwwmmmm and it was GONE.  The cabin of the bus
> > still ringing from the "blast".  Most people on the bus were awake at this
> > point wondering what happened.
> >

> When the 750 BMW, and the 560S class cars would go by the quake would
> rock the car. On the odd morning that somebody was driving their toy
> Porsche, Hartge M6, or whatever the left blinker was always on, and the
> headlights that had flashed miles previous went by in a brief Whoosh,
> rrrrraaaawn sound. It was better than coffee in the morning.

> Have you ever been passed by a car and thought "I'll catch up for a second
> look" and found yourself at redline in fifth gear?
> I still get alittle buzz from remembering it.
>-- End of excerpt from Mike W. Young

	We desperately need to be able to put sound F/X into our messages :-)!

	Truth is, I'd never had any car to redline before this Bavarian
	projectile that I drove.  How "strict" is this redline thing anyway?
	Does all hell break loose if you go over?

	In my brief experience, I found that most people didn't drive
	flat-out (except silly tourists like me! :-)).  Nor were people
	particularly prompt about getting out of the way if they didn't
	feel like it.  There was this woman in a big Mercedes in an
	even bigger hurry who had her left blinker on continuously: she
	moved up maybe four cars ahead of me in fifteen minutes after passing