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Re: questions...

> 	1. What is the collective wisdom on washing down the under-hood
> 	   area, including the engine? 
I do it at least once a year on all cars that I own. I use a water soluble
bio-degradable degreaser (as compared to solvent based), available at
K-mart, etc and spray the greasy areas of the engine. Wait for a few minutes
for it to soak and maybe brush really dirty, greasy areas (old oil leaks,
etc) and then hose the engine down with a nozzle attached to the garden hose.
Take care to not spray water directly into the air intake or the distributor.
You can use plastic shrink wrap around the distributor for extra protection.
Start the car up right away after the wash to dry the engine area.

> 	2. What are the locations for the c.c. temp sensors? (are there
> 	   three or four?)  I believe there's one next to the sunroof
> 	   switch, and one in the center of the dash? and...?
> 	   ...also, what is the test procedure for these sensors (if anyone
> 	   has done this); and how expensive/difficult are they to replace?

The Delco CC units have a diagnostic mode where you can check the function
of these sensors and the positions of all the flaps. Check Bentley for the
procedure (its too involved to describe - not that I even remember it).


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ