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I'd like to request answers to a couple of Audiquestions I've had for a while:

	1. What is the collective wisdom on washing down the under-hood
	   area, including the engine?  I'd wanted to have it done, but
	   the service manager dissuaded me, saying there were too many
	   electronic components that might get damaged. After that, I
	   wasn't about to run it through the local car-wash.

	   (needless to say, it would be far more pleasurable to work on
	   a clean engine than a dirty one, as well as being able to spot
	   minor leaks/seepage much sooner)
	2. What are the locations for the c.c. temp sensors? (are there
	   three or four?)  I believe there's one next to the sunroof
	   switch, and one in the center of the dash? and...?

	   ...also, what is the test procedure for these sensors (if anyone
	   has done this); and how expensive/difficult are they to replace?

Hope these questions aren't too mundane.