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Re: lifters/valves, and vaccum pump noise

> This subject has come up before.  If you have a 90 or a 4000 you
> probably have a vaccum pump.  When they get loud they make a clakking
> sound that is easily mistaken for lifters.  They are expensive to
> replace.  A better solution is to have the thing taken apart and
> cleaned.  We have had this done once on our 4000Q and it takes care
> of the noise.  Apparently they fill up with oil and need to be cleaned
> and drained.  Sorry I can't provide more details, I've never actually
> done it myself.   We had our lifters replaced too but the clattering
> came back 6 months later.  It turned out as long as the car doesn't
> sit for extended periods of time, and the oil is kept clean, and
> with an Audi oil filter with a check valve, the clattering doesn't
> come back.  btw, I hear the vaccum pump costs $700+....
> There was talk of running a cleaner through the system but I haven't
> heard of any success stories so far.  Using Slick 50 initially made it
> better but eventually it just seemed to get worse.
> Carl
> > From: Eric Glanz - Unix Support <UCSEDG@uwplatt.edu>
> > >He says it's usually the vacuum pump - there is a rod inside that
> > >wears, and that is what produces the noise.  They don't usually
> > >fail he says, but just get louder and louder. 
> > Do you happen to know what rod he is talking about?  Is it the rod
> > that drives the pump from the cam, or a rod internal to the vacuum pump?

I believe my 88 90Q suffers from this clattering problem.  Can anyone
tell me where this vacuum pump is located and if its a big deal to
remove and clean? Thanks. (The car has 61K miles )

Roger Firor