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Re: Boost in a teapot.

Did Peter mention if the overboost protection has been completely
disabled by his mod, such that the engine might "grenade" if there were
to be a mechanical malfunction? Or was the acceptable boost limit
merely raised, before the protecion would kick in and save your
expensive engine? This is a question, not a statement.

I certainly respect you opinion that you got the performance incresase
you wanted and paid for. If you don't care about how that increase was
achieved, or if the claims were technically misleading or false, then
you got what you wanted and are a satisfied customer. Cool. Perhaps
even the majority of customers fall into the same category. Also cool.

Me? I'm keenly interested in *HOW* these mods are implemented and how
they work, and if the Audi designed-in protection mechanisms are still
operable as well. I'm also interested in determining if the mods are
actually implemented as claimed/implied.

That's why they make both chocolate *and* vanilla!