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Boost in a teapot.

Hi, Y'all,

Talk about a tempest raging in a teapot.  

Having torn into my ECU computer and having seen what was and was not done
to it and having learned more about the workings of my turbo system than
I ever wanted to, I feel that I am in a position to decide if I have been
cheated or not.  All that I wanted was more power from my engine.  I really
didn't care how that was to be achieved as long as i didn't destroy my engine
in the process.  Peter Wales promised me more power.  I did not ask him to
reprogram my computer.  (I admit that that is kinda what I thought was going
to happen.)   All I wanted was more power.  What I got was more power.  MORE
POWER!!! Amazingly more power!  MY GOD!  MORE POWER!!!!  Get outa my way
more power.  Addictive more power.  Perhaps the components Peter installed
for me might have been purchased elsewhere for say maybe $20 or $30 or
maybe $50.  OK - big deal.

Several years ago (read 25) my clothes washer wasn't working so I hired a
service man to come fix it.  I had the back off the machine when he got
there.  He looked at it.  Took out a wrench and hit a relay.  The machine
started and ran perfectly.  Twenty five bucks, please.  I paid it without
complaint.  After all, he knew where to hit, I didn't.  Peter knew what
to do so that I would get more power out of my engine, I didn't.  He delivered
what he promised.  $400, please.  I paid without complaint.  After all, Peter
knew where to hit with his figurative wrench.  I didn't.

Do I feel cheated?  Definitely not.  Peter delivered everything he promised
me.  In fact, he delivered even more.  He held my hand, so to speak, when I
had some problems with my intercooler and a hose.  (Which, incidentally, I
believe would have happened no mater who provided the increased boost
pressures.  He loaned me a gauge to measure boost levels at no charge. 
I feel that he has more than lived up to his part of our bargain.

Now, if you demand that your computer be reprogrammed and that additional
components not be used to provide a modification which, at least in my
case, is more than just satisfactory then perhaps you should look elsewhere.
And expect to pay quite a bit more, also.  If you simply want more power
without destroying your engine then may I suggest that you can probably
get that from Peter at about half the cost of the "other modification".
Does Ned Ritchie provide a superior product?  Maybe - I don't know.  His
prices are exactly double the price I paid for my modification.  For me,
an extra $400 is worth thinking about.  After all, I had to convince myself
that I was really willing to invest $400 let alone $800 in a five year old car
with 100,000 miles on it.

Again, do I feel that I have been cheated by Peter Wales?  If you are
listening, Peter, (or for that matter, if you aren't) I definitely do not
feel that I have been cheated.  I am very happy with my purchase.  The
mechanic is worth his hire.

Bob  __________________________________________________      ^_____^
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