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Re: First draft of a FAQ -Reply

> I have an idea for under Climate Control (?) and it's also a question
> which I've been wondering about.
> What are the computer codes in the Climate Control that you can 
> access by pushing "Outside Temp" and "Off" at the same time?
> I only know some of the answer and would like to know the rest...
> You can advance them by pushing "warmer" and display the values 
> by pushing "cooler".
> #11 -- voltage
> I'm not sure about the other 20 or so values...

i used to have this information available for ftp but i have lost use
of that machine.. i believe tom haapanen has taken over the ftp access
but don't know if it's still active.. you might want to send him email
(tomh@metrics.com) and see.