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Re: electrical malfunctions

> I have a 1982 Audi Coupe...
> I've been fixing things here and there since I purchased it, but I can't get the upshift indicator to operate...  As well as the passenger side-view mirror...
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
	I've never figured either of these problems out.  When I had
an '83 5000 it's pass. side view mirror didn't work and the upshift
indicator didn't work (5spd)...I lived with both.  Now, I have an old 
'81 5+5 which has the same problems. 
	In both my cases there was just a relay 'click' when 
the right mirror was selected and the the toggle moved.  I've tried
new (used) toggles and switching the wires on the mirror selector
switch.  Only in a great while will I get movement out of the 
right side mirror.  I've attributed this problem to the mirror itself
and not wiring or relays...I've never actaully checked voltages
at the pass. side mirror.
	As far as the upshift indicator...well this was the least of my
	Perhaps, some of the old folks on the list who have owned any 
of the eary 80's 4/5000's may have already come across fixes 
for the power mirror failure.